Military Bases in Europe – What are the Issues- Report of the open hearing

Report of a discussion arranged by the Intergroup on Peace Initiatives

Background to the Meeting

It is important to look at the military infrastructure that will be used for wars. For example, although many of the troops who were used for the war in Iraq were already in the Middle East, the military infrastructure of the US, Britain, and other countries involved in the war continued to play an important support role for the war: military supplies, food, munitions, and soldiers were flown to the Gulf, planes took off from airbases in many countries, and the surveillance systems of the US and NATO all over the world were used to guide the attacks on Iraq. Even if a country is not directly involved in the war, its infrastructure might be used for war, or its troops might replace those troops of countries participating in the war on missions elsewhere, such as Afghanistan or the Balkans.

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